Carola Schönlieb featured in Plus Magazine

Written by Rachel Furner
April 21, 2017

CCIMI institute director, Carola Schönlieb, has written an article, Uncovering the mathematics of information, featured in Plus magazine which discusses her area of mathematics, and the work of the CCIMI.  Maths of Information is an area of increasing importance, highlighted in the article with some interesting facts on how much data is used and processed, for example in 2016, in every single minute Google translated over 69 million words!!

As well as covering the importance of research into Maths of Information, the article gives some specific elements of the work done by Carola’s and her research group, and some of the applications of this.

Plus Magazine is an online project, aiming to introduce readers to the joys of mathematics, especially in terms of its practical applications.  Articles and Podcasts cover a range of topics with various mathematical aspects, interviews with mathematician, and reviews, and coverage of recent news articles.  It is part of the Millennium maths project.

The article is available to read at