Doctoral Training Scheme

The CCIMI provides students with broad training in the field of Mathematics of Information alongside their focused PhD studies. Students specialise in a variety of topics within the Mathematics of Information, covering pure and applied mathematics as well as statistics. This breadth covered by the students and faculty offers a unique experience to collaborate with and learn from other mathematical disciplines, training the next generation of ‘Mathematics of Information’ experts.

Studentship applications

Applications for CCIMI studentships are open . For further information on the Mathematics of Information PhD programme please visit the faculty website.

Supervisors and research groups

All CCIMI students study under a supervisor based in the Centre for Mathematical Studies at Cambridge University, and are members of a topic specific research group, as well as the CCIMI. Supervisors and the associated research groups provide the traditional PhD experience, with learning around a focused PhD topic, related to Mathematics of Information.  There are a wide range of mathematical topics relevant to this field, with current students covering a breadth of interests.  For a general flavour of some of the work carried out within the CCIMI have a look on our project page and the list of CCIMI faculty who can supervise students in the institute.

Alongside their research group students belong to the CCIMI, with access to a range of additional benefits and experiences, providing students with a broad understanding of the field of Mathematics of Information and the way their PhD topic fits within this field.  The CCIMI faculty is large and growing, with a number of experts available for advice and collaboration on a comprehensive range of subjects.

CCIMI seminars and courses

CCIMI Seminars are held regularly covering many topics, and short courses on subjects of particular interest to the CCIMI members are also arranged.  We have a busy visitor programme enabling students to meet with and learn from world class experts, many of whom take part in our seminar series and provide short courses.  Students are particularly encouraged to meet with and learn from each other, benefiting from the breadth of topics each cohort spans.  A student run reading group further enables this knowledge sharing, broadening the students experience.  A scientific computing course is organised in association with the CCIMI and Cantab Capital Partners, with  two regular CCIMI conferences are hosted a year, as well as a number of ad hoc events, where students present posters or short talks, developing their presentation skills and benefiting from sharing their research with a wide and diverse audience.  More information on upcoming and past events can be found on our events page.

Partnerships and resources

The CCIMI has an ongoing connection with Cantab Capital Partners, providing knowledge exchange, collaboration opportunities and a perspective from the non-academic world, as well as more formal industrial projects and internship programmes.

Alongside these CCIMI activities all students would have access to the wider resources of the university.  These include a number of Part III courses (with CCIMI students expected to attend two relevant courses in their first year, and one per year following this), as well as training on fundamental skills such as presenting work, scientific writing, etc.