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Efficient nonparametric inference for discretely observed compound Poisson processes

Alberto J. Coca
Published 01/02/2018

The grasshopper problem

Olga Goulko Adrian Kent
Published 25/10/2017

Isotonic regression in general dimensions

Qiyang Han Tengyao Wang Sabyasachi Chatterjee Richard J. Samworth
Published 30/08/2017

Efficient Nonparametric Bayesian Inference For X-Ray Transforms

François Monard Richard Nickl Gabriel P. Paternain
Published 21/08/2017

Discrete gradient methods for solving variational image regularisation models

V Grimm Robert I McLachlan David I McLaren G R W Quispeland C-B Schönlieb
Published 28/06/2017

Learning optimal spatially-dependent regularization parameters in total variation image denoising

Cao Van Chung J C De los Reyes C B Schönlieb
Published 21/06/2017

Minimax optimal procedures for testing the structure of multidimensional functions

JohnAston FlorentAutin GerdaClaeskens Jean-MarcFreyermuth ChristophePouetb
Published 18/05/2017

An elementary approach to Gaussian multiplicative chaos

Nathanaël Berestycki
Published 12/05/2017

Goodness-of-fit tests for high dimensional linear models

Rajen D. Shah Peter Bühlmann
Published 08/05/2017

A mechanistic model of the spatial interaction between blue cones and blue cone bipolar cells in macaque retina

Andreas V Lonborg Stephen J Eglen
Published 22/04/2017

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