CCIMI Maths of Quantum Information Workshop

Written by Rachel Furner
June 1, 2018

On May 4th the CCIMI hosted a ‘Mathematics of Quantum Information’ workshop.   The event featured a number of international experts presenting on Quantum Information, with talks aimed to be accessible to a mathematical, but non-specialised audience.

Quantum information science is the study of information encoded in quantum mechanical systems, including the development of algorithms designed for quantum computers, the study of the processing and transmission of quantum information, and the realizability of information-theoretic tasks. This theory has important differences from classical information theory due to exclusively quantum mechanical phenomena such as entanglement, and understanding these differences is one of the goals of the field. In particular, understanding entanglement itself, as well as how it can be transformed and used is an active area of research. Moreover, while information science often considers information in the abstract, one can also answer information-theoretic questions about physical systems of interest.

Quantum information science is a broad and active field; in this workshop, Omar Fawzi discussed the relationship between quantum conditional mutual information and the operational task of local recovery; Barbara Kraused discussed multipartite entanglement; Yan Pautrat discussed Landauer’s Principle, relating energies and entropies in repeated interaction systems; David Pérez Garćia discussed the computational decidability of problems in quantum many body systems; with a final talk given by Simone Severini on Learning of Quantum States.  The event was followed by a drinks and networking reception.