Data Challenges in Cardiovascular Research

Cardiovascular disease is the biggest killer in the world, causing nearly 18 million deaths per year. Healthcare systems around the world are struggling with the increased disease burden caused by lifestyle factors and the aging populations, and new ways are urgently needed to guide disease prevention, to improve disease detection and diagnosis, and to monitor and manage diseases. Common to all of the above focus areas is the large amount of data produced.

The Cambridge Big Data SRI and Cardiovascular SRI have joined forces to raise awareness of the types of data-related challenges in cardiovascular research and to maximise collaborative opportunities between clinical and computational research groups in Cambridge.

This collaboration will be launched on Monday 24th September 2018 at St Catharine’s College through a free, full-day research showcase event, and will be followed up in 2019 with a series of smaller workshops supporting collaborations around specific research questions.

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