History brought to light

With Cerys Jones (UCL)

History brought to light: Multispectral imaging and analysis of historical artefacts

Multispectral imaging of historical artefacts can reveal lost text and drawings that have not been seen for hundreds and even thousands of years. It involves capturing images of an object illuminated in ultraviolet, visible and infrared light to uncover features that cannot be detected by the human eye alone. Filters can also be placed in front of the camera lens to extract the fluorescence from the object. Typically between 15-20 images are captured, where each image represents a different wavelength and filter combination. In this talk, I will present on the current image processing techniques that are commonly applied to multispectral images of historical artefacts and show examples of my results on a variety of artefacts including Ancient Egyptian coffins, research letters from Professor Karl Pearson, and more.

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