Hitachi Cambridge Seminar – Superconducting quantum circuits: qubits and not only

With Prof. Yuri Pashkin, Department of Physics, Lancaster University

Speaker: Prof. Yuri Pashkin, Department of Physics, Lancaster University
Location: Small Lecture Theatre, Bragg Building, Cavendish Laboratory

This will be a review of research on superconducting quantum circuits. Since the first demonstration of quantum coherence in a solid-state device [1], there has been enormous progress in the field with the qubit properties improving steadily [2]. While there is still a long way to go before a practical quantum processor will be built, qubits may find applications in areas other than quantum computation. Examples include quantum-limited detection and on-chip quantum optics experiments.

I will start with a brief introduction of generic qubits and superconducting qubits in particular, and describe a variety of superconducting qubits based on different degrees of freedom. Then I will introduce a circuit QED architecture [3] which is uniquely suited for probing quantum properties of macroscopic mechanical objects and also for on-demand single-photon generation in the microwave domain. Recent joint activity of Lancaster and its collaborators will be discussed [4].

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[2] M.H. Devoret and R.J. Schoelkopf, Science 339, 1169 (2013).
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