The industrialisation and professionalisation of data science

This one-day workshop will be part of a series of regional workshops organised by the Data Science Section of the Royal Statistical Society, which is a professional body that represents Data Scientists in the UK. This London-based workshop will be run jointly with the Alan Turing Institute and the Institute of Actuaries. The purpose of the meetings is to lead the conversation in all aspects of Data Science, such as promoting good practice, supporting important emerging topics, building links between industry, academia and the general public. The Data Science Section launched an opening workshop in 2017 where 12 key questions about the industrialisation and professionalisation of Data Science were introduced. The structure of the workshops will be to present current opinions and developments around these questions from the Data Science community, inviting discussion from a wider audience.

This events is being jointly organised by The Alan Turing Institute, The Royal Statistical Society and The Institute and Faculty of Actuaries.

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