Inverse and Spectral Problems for (Non)-Local Operators

September 10 – 14, 2018
Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences

The summer school brings together researchers and students in the field of inverse and spectral problems. In four minicourses leading researchers present introductions to their areas of research:

  • Michael Levitin (University of Reading),
  • Fabricio Macià (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid),
  • Lauri Oksanen (University College London),
  • Gabriel Paternain (University of Cambridge).

Additionally, there will be six one hour expert lectures.

Limited funding towards travel and accommodation is available for early career participants such as postdoctoral researchers, PhD and master students. Applicants are expected to write a short letter of motivation and to kindly agree to present their work in the form of a poster. The deadline for applications for funding is May, 28, 2018.

The conference will start on Monday morning and end around noon on Friday.

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