Mathematics of Data Science virtual conference

Mathematics of Data Science (MathODS), is a virtual conference organised by graduate students taking place on the 11-12th June, 2020.

MathODS aims to provide a venue for graduate students and early career researchers to share their exciting, novel, and thought-provoking research ideas and most importantly, to facilitate interactive discussions.

The organisers will allow registered participants to live stream and invite contributions in the form of a talk or a poster presentation, see Programme for more information.

The mathematical foundations of this event will lie between probability, statistics, optimisation, and image processing broadly organised into four categories:

  1. Optimisation
  2. Mathematics of deep learning
  3. Bayesian methods
  4. Application of machine learning in life sciences

For further event information and to register visit the event website.

And thank you to the @NewtonInstitute and @NewtonGateway teams for organising the day. View on Twitter