Novel Computational Paradigms

This workshop is a collaboration with GCHQ and aims to investigate potential next-generation advances in novel computational paradigms. A key aim is to bring together relevant stakeholders from across various UK research communities and industry. It is hoped that this activity will help to build closer links and collaborations and aid the establishment of a joined up multi-disciplinary UK community for this area. Disciplines identified so far as being relevant include synthetic biology, neuroscience, metamaterials, electronics/electrical engineering, AI/Machine learning, computer science and robotics and physics.

The event will also provide a forum for identifying challenges and increasing awareness of R&D activities across the different elements of the research communities. It is hoped that this will help to gain consensus on what the future research directions should be, for novel computational technologies, stimulating further interest from end-users towards helping to develop and invest in the novel computer paradigms area.

Please visit the Turing Gateway to Mathematics website for more information: