Soft Matter Materials – Mathematical Design Innovations

This workshop aims to highlight the importance of state-of-art mathematical modelling for complex soft matter material development. Models and basic understanding is not just of theoretical interest, but indeed is a  key requirement for being able to access and further develop the true potential of these materials – to optimise them, to combine them into new materials, and to use them for creating new devices, with predefined abilities and behaviours. This will be reflected in a progamme for the day which will include talks representing academic research and end-users perspectives from  a number of industries and application areas. The three sessions will cover:

  • Photonics and electronics
  • Biological sciences and drug design
  • Novel soft matter materials

The focus for the day is on complex soft matter materials. Talks from academic and industry speakers will cover a number of interesting materials design advances and challenges. There will also be a session on novel soft matter materials. Talks will highlight areas such as sensors, insulating materials, DNA based matter, self-healing materials with exchangeable bonds solids, plamonics.

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