Summer School – Structured Regularisation for High-Dimensional Data Analysis

June 19th to 22nd

The SMF (French Mathematical Society) and the Institut Henri Poincaré are organising a mathematical summer school on “Structured Regularisation for High-Dimensional Data Analysis”. This summer school will be the opportunity to bring together students, researchers and others working on High-Dimensional Data Analysis around three courses and four talks on new methods in structured regularisation. The mathematical foundations of this event will lie between probability, statistics, optimisation, image and signal processing.

More information (including registration, free but mandatory) is available on the webpage:

* Anders Hansen (Cambridge)
* Andrea Montanari (Stanford)
* Lorenzo Rosasco (Genova and MIT)

* Francis Bach (INRIA and ENS)
* Claire Boyer (UPMC)
* Emilie Chouzenoux (Paris Est)
* Carlos Fernandez-Granda (NYU)

* Yohann De Castro (Paris-Sud)
* Guillaume Lecué (CNRS and ENSAE)
* Gabriel Peyré (CNRS and ENS)