Technology and Data in Future Cities workshop

Participant registration is now open for the upcoming event ‘Technology and Data in Future Cities’ (incorporating the CSIC Emerging Connections Workshop), organised jointly by Jesus College Cambridge, the Computer Lab, and the Cambridge Centre for Smart Infrastructure and Construction. Main organisers include Prof Cecilia Mascolo (Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge) and Dr Jennifer Schooling (Cambridge Centre for Smart Infrastructure and Construction). The workshop is funded by the Jesus College Intellectual Forum. The event will take place on 22 June 2018 and will be hosted by Jesus College Cambridge.

The main objective of the workshop is to discuss the role of emerging digitalization processes in shaping the future of cities. In particular, the event will explore the potential to improve city services through automation in the transport sector.

While architects and land economists have decades of experience in planning cities and city adaptation, current trends in digitalization, the Internet of Things and mobile technologies have started to offer unprecedented fine-grained data about cities and put forward the potential of automating a good portion of urban transport. It is therefore crucial to explore the issues that more extensive use of data and automation pose on the future of our cities, focusing on how our planning, policy making, engineering and architecture strategies can make best use of them. While there is a wide-spread acknowledgement that this will require careful thinking and cooperation of the various disciplines, disciplinary silos and the compartmentalization of research and practice persist, hindering the realization of the promised benefits to citizens.

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