Martin Benning

  • Queen Mary University of London - School of Mathematical Sciences
  • Queen Mary University of London - School of Mathematical Sciences

My research interests

  • I am a Lecturer in Optimisation / Machine Learning and is a member of Statistics and Data Science group.
  • My area of mathematical expertise is the theoretical and computational handling of inverse & ill-posed problems. In inverse problems, an unknown quantity – such as the image of the interior of a human body – is only accessible indirectly through the inversion of a mathematical operator. In nearly all relevant applications, this inversion process is highly unstable with respect to measurement errors. A remedy is the approximation of the inverses via families of continuous operators, also known as regularisation operators.
  • The particular focus of my research is the analysis and numerical realisation of regularisation operators arising from the minimisation of non-smooth functionals. His research covers topics such as non-linear (numerical) analysis, (convex and non-convex) optimisation, functional analysis, machine learning, imaging and image processing, compressed sensing and (big) data analysis.

Key Software

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