Rowan Leary

  • Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy

My research interests

  • My current interests revolve around high resolution and novel three-dimensional characterisation via transmission electron microscopy. In pursuit of these tasks, I have developed a strong interest in 'compressed sensing', a sampling and recovery strategy capable of reconstructing signals from far fewer measurements than traditional theories dictate are necessary. I also have a particular interest in the characterisation of nanoparticulate catalysts. He has recently completed his PhD under the supervision of Professor Paul Midgley.
  • Before moving to Cambridge I obtained my MEng/BEng in Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Leeds. There I worked under the supervision of Professor Rik Brydson for my undergraduate research project, and during a number of additional summer research projects, using and developing electron microscopy techniques. As part of these projects I have worked in connection with GlaxoSmithKline, with whom I also collaborated during a summer research project in the Department of Physics at the University of Cambridge (just before starting my PhD), supervised by Dr Richard Langford.
  • I also enjoy encouraging the development of other research students and have co-supervised undergraduate and summer placement A-level students. I'm an Associate of the Cambridge Nano Science & Technology Doctoral Training Centre ( I have also lectured annually since 2011 on the 'Principles and Practice of Electron Tomography' at the Royal Microscopical Society Electron Microscopy School.

Key Software