One World Seminar: Mathematical Methods for Arbitrary Data Sources (MADS)

Written by Josh Stevens
April 6, 2020

To alleviate the problem of missing interactions between scientists, a series of online lectures under the label “One World Seminar: Mathematical Methods for Arbitrary Data Sources (MADS)” will be organised during this semester, as part of the RISE action “NoMADS”. Each will use the proprietary software “Zoom” to broadcast talks of invited researchers to interested participants all over the world.

The lecture series will collect talks on mathematical disciplines related to all kind of data, ranging from statistics and machine learning to model-based approaches and inverse problems. Each pair of talks will address a specific direction, e.g. a NoMADS session related to nonlocal approaches or a DeepMADS session related to deep learning.

The first lecture will start on Monday, 20th April, 2020 at 2pm (German time, i.e., UTC+2 CEST) and the first speaker is already fixed:

Speaker: Gabriel Peyré (DMA, Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris)
Title: Scaling Optimal Transport for High-dimensional Learning

For an abstract of his talk and announcements of upcoming talks, please visit the organiser webpage:

If you would like to stay informed on upcoming talks and receive login information for the Zoom conference room prior to a talk, please use the registration form at:

Leon Bungert
Martin Burger
Antonio Esposito
Janic Föcke
Daniel Tenbrinck
Philipp Wacker