One World Online Mathematics seminars

Written by Josh Stevens
May 4, 2020

With more and more workshops and conferences being cancelled due to coronavirus there are a number of new workshops and seminar series popping up to keep researchers connected and to share research. These are just a few that have begun and may be of interest to the CCIMI and wider mathematics community.

1. One World PDE Seminar
The One World PDE Seminar aims to provide such a venue for the PDE community, accessible to as many researchers as possible. The seminar programme and other information is available on the series webpage –

2. One World Seminar: Mathematical Methods for Arbitrary Data Sources (MADS)
This lecture series will collect talks on mathematical disciplines related to all kinds of data, ranging from statistics and machine learning to model-based approaches and inverse problems. The programme of talks and other information is available on the organiser webpage –

3. One World Seminar: Mathematics of INformation, Data, and Signals (MINDS)
The organisers are working on setting up an inter-institutional global online seminar aimed at giving researchers interested in mathematical data science, computational harmonic analysis, and related applications access to high quality talks, analogous to what many other mathematical groups are running as their own “One World” series. Seminars will take place on Thursdays at 7:30 PM BST (2:30 PM EST, 11:30 AM PST, 8:30 PM CET). If you would like to receive announcements about upcoming scheduled talks you can add your address to the following google form –

4. Imaging & Inverse Problems (IMAGINE)
Talks of this seminar series will focus on the mathematical modelling, analysis and computational aspects of image processing and applied inverse problems together with their application to real-world problems. The organiser website has more information and the programme of talks –

5. One World Probability Seminar
This seminar is intended to foster ideas among global probability research community and to help reduce our impact on climate change. The series webpage has further information and programme details –

6. Waves in One World
This seminar series seeks to keep researchers across the globe connected and participating within scientific activities. Moreover, talks will focus on waves across the sciences, including fluid dynamics, quantum gases, acoustics and many others. Further information is available on the series website –

7. One World Mathematical Game Theory Seminar
The One World Mathematical Game Theory Seminar is an international online seminar whose goal is keeping our research community connected, allowing people to regularly meet and exchange ideas. Timings, programme and joining details are available on the organiser website –

8. One World Optimization Seminar
The One World Optimization Seminar is an attempt to keep our community together. The short term goal is to provide access to a seminar for as many researchers as possible and is intended to foster ideas among our truly global research community and to help reduce our impact on climate change. Additional information including the seminar programme is available here –

9. One World Seminar Series on the Mathematics of Machine Learning
The One World Seminar Series on the Mathematics of Machine Learning is an online platform for research seminars, workshops and seasonal schools in theoretical machine learning. The focus of the series lies on theoretical advances in machine learning and deep learning. The seminar series webpage is –

9. One World Numerical Analysis Online Seminar Series
The organisers are establishing a world wide online seminar series for the numerical analysis and scientific computing community: the One World Numerical Analysis Series. For more information and to register for the series see the organiser’s webpage –

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