Reading Group

Within the CCIMI we have a weekly student-led reading group. The students meet to discuss a book of their choice, which they work through over the weeks, each taking turns to lead discussions on a chapter.

The reading group allows students to broaden their knowledge, with books covering a variety of topic areas.  As the students have a diverse range of specialist areas it also allows discussion on theories and concepts from a range of perspectives, with students benefiting from ideas and concepts outside of their own subject areas.

To date the students have covered the following books/topics:

  • Topic: Machine learning algorithms and their applications
  • Blower – Random Matrices: High Dimensional Phenomena
  • Jaynes – Probability Theory: The Logic of Science: Principles and Elementary Applications
  • Mézard and Montanari – Information, Physics, and Computation
  • Shwartz – Online Learning and Online Convex Optimization
  • Bobenko, Schröder, Sullivan and Ziegler – Discrete Differential Geometry
  • Hastie, Tibshirani and Friedman – The Elements of Statistical Learning
  • Vandenberghe and Boyd – Convex Optimization
  • Papers from Acta Numerica